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CvCU Offers Remote Support

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We Come To You To Fix Your Computer

CvCU Computer Services... Good Old Fashioned Service for Today's Technology


Troubleshoot, Repair & Virus Removal

A computer crash or virus infection can ruin your day and your business! Often your computer freezes at the most inconvenient time. Most residential and business users don't have time to hassle bringing a computer to a retail repair shop. Why go through the process of unplugging all the wires, packing the PC up in the car, dropping it off for several days, going back to pick up the PC and attempting to set it all back up again. CvCU makes it easy by going directly to your home or office to handle your computer troubleshooting, virus removal and repair needs. Click here for the list of fixed price CvCU Service offerings. Call us on 0438 748 768 to fix your computer issues quickly and efficiently.

  Computer Service & Maintenance

Computers and laptops are very much like cars requiring regular service and check-ups to ensure they run efficiently and trouble-free. Just like a car simple preventive maintenance can keep your computer performing at its best and avoid costly problems later on. Click on the image to learn more about the CvCU PC Tune Up. If your computer is running slow, freezing, displaying errors or showing pop ups you need to act now. It could be malicious software in the form of a virus, malware or spyware. If needed CvCU can perform data recovery to save your documents, emails, music and precious memories captured in photos. We can also implement a backup solution for you and your business. We can efficiently and professionally handle any computer-related repair need. Click here for the list of fixed price CvCU Service offerings.

  Computer Help & Training

We specialise in providing all kinds of computer help for our customers - not just with troubleshooting, repairs and upgrading - We can provide one-on-one training where you can learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. We can also help install and configure software that you purchase and guide you in protected your precious data. Anything computer related... CvCU can help. Click here for the list of fixed price CvCU Service offerings.

  Buying & Upgrading

We can provide and upgrade your current PC with more memory, new DVD drives, bigger faster hard drives, faster video cards, or any other upgrade you may require. So if your computer is struggling to keep up with you, it could be upgrade time. If you are thinking of buying a complete new computer system then we can help you work out what you need so a clever salesman doesn't confuse you with technical jargon or influence you and pressure you into buying something you don't really need. Don't get ripped off, let CvCU purchase your system for you. Click here for the list of fixed price CvCU Service offerings.

  Specialised Services Including Website Design

Click here to find out more about some of the other specialised niche services we can provide which include:

  • Website Design, Visit the CvCU Oz Small Business Website for more....

  • Home Entertainment and Theatre connection and setup,

  • Customised Software Programming.


CvCU Computer Services.. The "Friend" that fixes your Computer !



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Getting Back to Your Desktop

You can display the desktop without having to close or minimise your current windows by pressing the Windows key and then the D key.


CvCU PC Tune Up

Just like our cars Computers & Laptops require regular maintenance too. You wouldn't drive your car without making sure its running smoothly and safely. A computer is no different.

Click on the image above to find out more about the CvCU specialised Computer Check & Tune Up service.

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