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If you receive a quote from any other reputable organisation that is cheaper than our fixed price for the same service, please let us know when calling and we will do our best to match the price.

Repair & Upgrade Services



Computer Viruses range from very annoying to extremely damaging. The CvCU Disinfect-U service will remove these nasty viruses and spyware from your computer and either update, upgrade or replace your existing anti-virus software. We will also setup the appropriate security settings while you surf the net to lessen the likelihood of re-infection.



When Windows won’t start up on your  computer the CvCU Restart-U service will breathe life back into your computer. We will diagnose why your computer is not starting up and repair any Windows operating system problems. Please note that this service does not include reformatting of your hard disk drive or virus removal.



f you're experiencing problems with your computer's software or hardware then the CvCU Troubleshoot-U service could be the answer. If Windows Media Player has stopped working or you cant burn/copy a CD/DVD anymore or your printer isn't printing the way it should or whatever else your computer has stopped doing we can help.



If your computer crashes regularly, is getting slow and erratic then our CvCU Repair-U service can fix it. We will diagnose your computer and find the causes of crashes, freezes and slow operation. We will, if required remove viruses and spy-ware and repair your operating system and applications. If necessary this also includes installation of up to two hardware and software items.



If you have an older version of Microsoft Windows we can upgrade you to any higher version you want with the CvCU Upgrade-U service. We will set up your software just how you like it and show you some of the new features available. If required this includes installing up to three items of software and hardware. 



The CvCU TuneUp-U service is a state of the art health check, maintenance and optimisation service for your computer. If required we will also install additional memory to make your computer run faster. Please call so we can explain exactly what we do as we don't want to put the steps on our website to allow our competitors to copy.



The CvCU Recover-U service will recover your precious data and transfer it to your choice of DVD's, USB Stick or External Hard Disk supplied by you. *Starting from $165.00

New Computer Services



If you’ve just purchased a new computer, the CvCU Setup-U service will get you up and running. We'll come to your place, unpack your computer and get it ready to use. We will also transfer up to 4GB of data, install up to two peripheral devices and applications and put your new computer on an existing wireless network



The CvCU Install-U Hardware service covers the installation of up to two items of hardware on your computer covering compatible internal or external hardware devices, including memory, hard drives, graphics/video cards, TV tuner cards, DVD drives, printers, scanners, digital cameras etc.

The CvCU Install-U Software service covers the installation of up to two software applications (e.g Microsoft Office, ESET NOD32 Antivirus) and testing. We will even take up to 15 minutes showing you the very basics of how the application works.
Please Note that the software is not included in the price and does not include the installation of operating systems.



When you buy a new computer you will most likely still want to access your old files. The CvCU Transfer-U service will transfer up to 8GB of your important data from your old computer to your new one.

Network Services



The CvCU Connect-U service allows devices with wireless capabilities to talk to each other. It "frees" you up to enjoy your technology all around your home. Share music, a printer, the internet, use your laptop outside all without the hassle of wires and cables. This great service includes, connecting your router to the internet, setting up a secure wireless network, connecting up to two computers to your wireless router, configure file sharing of two directories between your connected computers and sharing an existing printer.



The CvCU Secure-U service will ensure that your home network is secured and safe.



The CvCU Share-U service gives you the convenience of being able to print from a single printer from all the computers in your home and sharing photos, files and music without having to burn CDs or DVDs. We will come to your home and allow you to share a currently functional printer over your network, Configure your currently networked computers to print from this printer and Configure file sharing of up to four directories between your connected computers


Help & Advisory Services










Specialised Services



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Prices for services listed above are average prices and cover labour only. The prices listed do not include any software or hardware. We will explain to you over the phone exactly what is and what isn't included in any of the listed services so there is no confusion from the start. CvCU wants happy customers so we make sure you understand what you are getting for your hard earned money. We will give you a fixed price where possible so there are no surprises. We can supply the hardware and software at competitive prices if required, or can use components supplied by you.

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Discounted Service of The Month

10 % off Disinfect-U Service

For the months May-Jul 2014 you can enjoy a 10% discount off the fixed price service cost quoted for virus removal. Mention the website to your CvCU technician before you pay to receive this special offer.


CvCU PC Tune Up

Just like our cars Computers & Laptops require regular maintenance too. You wouldn't drive your car without making sure its running smoothly and safely, well a computer is no different.

Click on the image above to find out about the CvCU specialised Computer Check & Tune Up service.


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